Sell Your Profitable Website Business.

Sell Your Profitable Website

Internet Business Industry Experience, understanding how to valuate, market, and ultimately negotiate the sale of a profitable website business requires industry specific skills, which traditional business brokerage firms lack. While “brick and mortar” firms look first at real estate and physical assets, a large percentage of a Web-based company’s value is exponential value. Network Advertising shows sellers how profitable website business assets can result in significant closing prices.

The valuation process is only the first of many important steps that go into selling an Internet business or in selling a website. Network Advertising's experienced team of brokers streamline the process by facilitating each and every step. including:

• Developing a value proposition strategy
• Building a marketing plan
• Screening potential buyers
• Negotiating
• Due diligence
• Drafting a purchase agreement / Closing

When an owner puts a profitable website on the market, he wants to know that he’s maximizing exposure to relevant and interested parties. Over the past 21 years, Network Advertising has assembled thousands of qualified buyers from public companies, private equity groups to individuals with relevant financials and experience, which provides sellers with immediate access to a captive targeted audience. Furthermore, Network Advertising's national team of professionals proactively generates exposure for companies employing a variety of marketing channels.

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