Paleo Recipe Book

The Paleo Recipe Book

The Paleo Recipe Book

A colorful character on a mission
Sébastien Noël is the creator of as well as the Paleo Recipe Book.

Early on in his childhood, Sébastien experienced many subtle health problems that would eventually turn into something much more problematic as the years went by. His first recollection of things not being right was when he began to suffer from severe migraines in his childhood.

As the years went by, he started devoting quite a bit of his time researching ways to make himself feel better. He always had a hunch that the root of most health problems come down to diet and lifestyle. It took him years of self experimentation and nutritional research before he finally found a good approach to nutrition. Looking back on things now, he's easily able to identify what he was suffering from which, at the time, was only a confusing puzzle. He had a leaky gut, severe allergy-like reactions from histamine intolerance, malabsorption and IBS symptoms from SIBO (Short Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).

Because being sick or feeling unwell all the time feels so unfair, Sébastien really makes it his primary mission to bring key information to as many people as possible. He strives to bring the most accurate information in a format that’s easiest to comprehend and integrate into daily life.

He really believes that anyone can improve their health and well-being tremendously with simple diet and lifestyle changes and he thinks that health is key to a happy and fulfilled life.

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